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The Nude / Naked Antinomy 2017

The final project title stems from the dichotomy of the two terms ‘nude’ and ‘naked’. In reading Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’ I found that these terms mean more than the body undressed. The ‘nude’ refers to the bare body as a form of art whereas the term ‘naked’ can be portrayed onto a whole manner of things, which can have nothing to do with the body but everything to do with the mind. The project’s focus, therefore, is the understanding of vulnerability. The term ‘I feel naked’ can be projected onto a whole manner of issues without having anything to do with being physically naked. It is a feeling, the same as vulnerability. 

I enjoy making the viewer a part of my work and creating an immersive experience. There are psychological qualities within my work and my focus is towards challenging how people think, including myself. The project captured the reactions to the life-size sculpture to challenge the viewers’ perceptions of vulnerability in the scope of nudity. The viewer is the finished piece, the sculpture is the catalyst for reaction.

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