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This series was created as a catalyst for conversations exploring the dichotomy of shame and sexualisation, censorship and celebration all in relation to nudity with a focus on healthcare.


This piece looks at pain dismissed. A story about a friend:



She starts having lower abdominal pain at work, it gets so bad she has to leave to go to A&E. She waits to see a Doctor, explains that she has had UTIs in the past and thinks it might be that. He brings in a male colleague without explanation and asks her to lower her trousers. She does as asked and is met with an uncomfortable “Woah woah not that far”. He asks where the pain is, she shows him and explains again.



Condescendingly: “You do know that’s where your uterus is?…Are you sure it’s not period pains?”. She leaves with the treatment of painkillers. After such a shame ridden interaction, she bravely decides to go to her GP at home because she knows this pain is different. Her GP goes through the initial questioning and explains that this is TEXTBOOK kidney stones. She is finally informed and treated. A shock, she knows her body.



Story shared with permission.

Pain Dismissed

Jesmonite: Jesmonite Portland Stone
Plaster: White Plaster
  • This piece is cast in Portland Stone Jesmonite or white plaster. 


    Can be cleaned by lightly dusting.

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