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This series was created as a catalyst for conversations exploring the dichotomy of shame and sexualisation, censorship and celebration all in relation to nudity with a focus on healthcare.



This specific sculpture looks at the irony of finding useful information on checking your breasts on social media being shown through helpful infographics but being removed and censored when sharing photographs of people’s real bodies, with breast grabbing being seen a sexual.

You may recall the #iwanttoseenyome hashtag, when an image of Nyome Nicholas-Williams taken by Alex Cameron was censored on Instagram. Together with Gina Martin they changed Instagram policy on ‘breast grabbing’ which had initially been seen as intrinsically sexual with the algorithm removing all posts with breasts being grabbed. The post had consistently been taken down for ‘nudity or sexual activity’. While the focus of their campaign was showing the racist bias social media holds, their work helps with fighting censorship and sharing more images of real people; naked and not sexualised.


Jesmonite: Jesmonite Portland Stone
Plaster: White Plaster
  • This piece is cast in Portland Stone Jesmonite or white plaster. 


    Can be cleaned by lightly dusting.

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