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This series was created as a catalyst for conversations exploring the dichotomy of shame and sexualisation, censorship and celebration all in relation to nudity with a focus on healthcare.



This piece looks at the disconnect we feel with our bodies and the importance of checking and really looking at ourselves.

I used to feel confronted by my vulva so never sat looking unless I *had* to. Being acquainted with ourselves in sexual and non sexual contexts is necessary for our own understanding and education.

The increase in the visibility of desexualised bodies can dismantle social shame and help lessen the confrontation we feel. Difference should be the standard and having the ability to talk honestly without shame is so helpful especially in medical contexts.


Jesmonite: Jesmonite Portland Stone
Plaster: White Plaster
  • This piece is cast in Portland Stone Jesmonite or white plaster. 


    Can be cleaned by lightly dusting.

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